BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Deactivation criteria

The Lane Departure Warning is available at a speed range from 43 - 130 mph (70 km/h - 210 km/h).

A warning is not issued in the following situations:

  • Use of the turn indicator
  • In construction zones
  • Lane is narrower than 8½ ft (2.60 m)

The warning is cancelled in the following situations:

  • Automatically after approximately 3 seconds
  • As soon as the driver moves back into his own lane
  • The turn indicator is used
  • When sharp braking or steering maneuvers are made and when the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) intervenes

Limits of the system

The function of the system may not be available or may only be available to a limited extent in the following situations:

  • Heavy fog, rain or snow.
  • At sharp bends or on narrow roadways.
  • If boundary lines are covered by snow, ice, dirt or water.
  • If boundary lines are covered by objects.
  • If boundary lines are missing, worn, poorly visible, converging or diverging, or not clearly recognizable, such as when driving through construction zones.

The system does not replace the personal assessment of the road and the traffic situation. The Lane Departure Warning is only intended to assist the driver. When active Lane Departure Warnings are issued, the steering wheel should not be moved through any unnecessarily heavy-handed actions.


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