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BMW 5 Series: Rear view camera

The rear view camera supports the driver when parking and maneuvering. The area behind the vehicle is recorded by the rear view camera and shown on the Central Information Display.

G30 Rear view camera image in the CID

Moving camera angle

When the moving camera angle is selected, a circular trajectory is shown around the vehicle on the Central Information Display. Predetermined angles can be selected on the circular trajectory by turning the controller or using the touch function.

In vehicles with the Gesture Control, optional equipment (OE 6U8), the moving camera angle can also be controlled in this way.

The current angle is identified by a camera symbol. Depending on the view, the surroundings of the vehicle or a partial area of the surroundings are shown on the Central Information Display.

G30 Exterior camera view (moving camera angle) on the CID

To leave this view, tilt the controller to the side, press it or touch the highlighted camera symbol via the touch screen.

If Gesture Control is being used, the gesture symbol is shown on the right half of the Central Information Display screen.

Rotating the camera view using Gesture Control


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