BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Operation

The collision warning and pedestrian warning are switched on and off using the Intelligent Safety button.

Collision Warning
G30 Intelligent Safety button

  1. Intelligent Safety button

The point at which the early collision warning is issued can be configured in the "Intelligent Safety systems" menu on the Central Information Display (CID).

The acute warning cannot be deactivated separately. The timing of the acute warning also cannot be adjusted. If the acute warning is not to be issued, the "collision warning" front protective function must be deactivated. The collision warning can be switched off by holding down the Intelligent Safety button.

It is also not possible to configure or deactivate the pedestrian warning separately. The "collision warning" front protective function must be also deactivated by holding down the Intelligent Safety button in order to deactivate the pedestrian warning function.


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