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BMW 5 Series: Surround View with Parking Assistant Plus

BMW 5 Series 2016-2024 Owners Manual / Driver assistance systems / Surround View with Parking Assistant Plus


 Concept, General information, Safety information

Concept The system provides assistance in parking and maneuvering. The area around the vehicle is shown on the Control Display. General information Several cameras capture the area from different sele


Buttons in the vehicle Park assistance button Panorama View Cameras Front camera Rearview camera One camera is located at the bottom of each exterior mirror housing. The image quality may be impa

 Camera perspective

Overview Function bar Selection window Side view Automatic camera perspective Movable camera perspective Camera image Rearview camera Selection window The individual camera perspectives can


 Intelligent Safety

Concept Intelligent Safety enables central operation of the driver assistance systems. General information Depending on how the vehicle is equipped, Intelligent Safety consists of one or more systems that can help prevent an imminent collision. Front collision mitigation Evasion assistance Perso

 Control units on the PT-CAN

Digital Motor Electronics (DME, DME2) Digital Motor Electronics DME and DME2 The illustration shows the DME and DME2 control units. The DME control unit is on the left side (seen in the direction of travel). The DME is responsible for the control of the combustion engine. In addition, the DME is

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