BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Showroom mode

The Showroom mode enables you to view the various instrument cluster displays and the Head-Up Display during a "virtual" journey.

The Showroom mode is started via the test functions of the instrument cluster.

The following steps must be followed:

  • Activate the PAD mode (press the start/stop button 3 times within 0.8 s)
  • Press and hold the setting button in the instrument cluster for 10 s
  • Activate the "Showroom mode" test function.

Test functions

There are further test functions in addition to the Showroom mode. An overview of the test functions of the G30 is provided in the following table:

01 - Identification
02 - System test
03 - Roller test
04 - Showroom mode
05 - Unlock test functions
06 - Fuel gauge values
07 - Coolant temperature, ambient temperature
08 - On-board computer average values
09 - Correction factor for consumption figures

Presentation mode

The Presentation mode is used to operate the vehicle functions in showroom and trade show vehicles to demonstrate these to the customer.

This mode enables the vehicle functions to be demonstrated to and operated by the customer without a vehicle-specific ID transmitter and without starting the engine.

In addition, vehicle functions that could potentially cause damage in showrooms are deactivated. For example: Wash/wipe functions, power window or the electrical slide/tilt sunroof. If the ID transmitter is located in the vehicle interior, these functions will be operable.

The Presentation mode is activated in the service menu via the BMW diagnosis system. Furthermore, this mode is only effective in the "Residing" driving condition.



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