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BMW 5 Series: BMW Gesture Control


Several iDrive functions can be operated by hand motion only using BMW Gesture Control.


The gestures that are performed underneath the

The gestures that are performed underneath the interior mirror are captured by a camera in the roofliner.


Via iDrive:

1. "My Vehicle".

2. "iDrive settings".

3. "Gestures".

4. "Gesture control".


Via iDrive:

1. "My Vehicle".

2. "iDrive settings".

3. "Gestures".

4. Select the desired setting:

  • "Display tips": the possible gesture is shown on the Control Display.
  • "Audio feedback": an acoustic signal is emitted once the gesture is recognized.

Possible gestures

Perform gestures underneath the interior mirror

Perform gestures underneath the interior mirror and next to the steering wheel.

Execute gestures clearly.

The gestures can also be executed from the front-passenger side.

Assigning gesture individually

Via iDrive:

1. "My Vehicle".

2. "iDrive settings"

3. "Gestures".

4. "Function assignment".

5. Select the desired setting.

System limits

Gesture recognition by the camera can be disturbed by the following circumstances:

  • The camera lens is covered.
  • Objects are located on the interior mirror.
  • The camera lens is dirty. Clean the camera lenses.
  • The gesture is executed outside of the detection range.
  • Wearing of gloves or jewelry.


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