BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Driving Modes

The displays of the instrument cluster are displayed depending on the driving mode selected.

A distinction is made between the 3 following modes on the BMW 5 Series:

  • Comfort
  • Sport
  • ECO Pro

Instrument Cluster
BMW 5 Series driving modes on the instrument cluster

  1. COMFORT mode
  2. SPORT mode
  3. ECO PRO mode


APIX connection

A Head Unit 2 (HU H2) is installed in the G30, the instrument cluster is connected to the head unit via an APIX line. The APIX connection is needed to show the high-quality graphic displays in the instrument cluster (navigation instructions, etc.).

Instrument Cluster
G30 Navigation in the extended scope instrument cluster


The following graphic shows an overview of the instrument cluster connections: Navigation System Professional (Head Unit High 2) and Head-Up Display; connection of the instrument cluster to the head unit via APIX; connection of the Head‐Up Display to the instrument cluster via APIX.

Instrument Cluster
G30 Connection of the instrument cluster with the head unit


     Showroom mode

    The Showroom mode enables you to view the various instrument cluster displays and the Head-Up Display during a "virtual" journey. The Showroom mode is started via the test functions of the instrumen


    Overview A Touch Controller is installed in the G30: G30 Controller Controller Direct access keys Menu MEDIA COM MAP NAV BACK OPTION Controller with a touch control box The touch entry is p

     User Interface

    Introduction The G30 contains a new user interface. It is referred to as the ID6 (BMW iDrive of the 6th generation). Marketing refers to the user interface of the G30 as the "New Interface Design".


     Warning function

    Light in the exterior mirror If there is a risk of collision If there is a risk of collision, the light in the exterior mirror flashes and the steering wheel vibrates. An active steering intervention takes place to prevent collisions and maintain the vehicle within its own lane. The steering inter

     Exterior equipment

    Exterior G30 Exterior highlights Air flaps in the radiator grill Air Breather Headlights extend to the radiator grill Adjustable housing for rear lights Underbody The almost fully closed vehicle underbody plays an important role in the aerodynamics. The acoustics in the vehicle are also sign

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