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BMW 5 Series: Split cooling valve

Split cooling
Heat management module with electric split cooling valve

  1. Electric split cooling valve

To guarantee optimal heat distribution during the cylinder head and crankcase warm-up, the coolant supply for the cylinder head and crankcase is controlled individually. The coolant is controlled by the Digital Motor Electronics (DME). The coolant is distributed by the electric split cooling valve on the heat management module in the warm-up phase such that substantially more coolant is available to the cylinder head than to the crankcase. Depending on the engine's operating condition, the Digital Motor Electronics (DME) decide on the distribution of the coolant quantity to the cylinder head and the crankcase as required.

Split cooling

Switching logic of split cooling valve

Split cooling
Switching logic of electric split cooling valve

  1. End stop
  2. Delivery position
  3. End stop

% - Valve opening in %
x - Rotary valve position in degrees, angle of rotation

  1. Rotary valve

The diagram shows the switching logic of the electric split cooling valve. Depending on the operating condition and coolant temperature of the engine, as well as the driver's desired load, the Digital Motor Electronics (DME) releases the coolant access from the crankcase to a greater or lesser extent via the rotary valve of the split cooling valve. The coolant now also flows through the crankcase and cools components.

A bleeding procedure in line with the repair instructions is required following a part exchange in the cooling system or refilling of the cooling system. Filling without a vacuum filler device (watering can filling) is not approved There is a risk of engine damage in case of failure to comply The filling specification must be observed Operation of the vehicle is not permitted without completing the entire filling and bleeding routine.

There is a risk of functional limitations or overheating.


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