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BMW 5 Series: Operating strategy of the heat management module

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual / B58TU Engine / Cooling System / Operating strategy of the heat management module

The following graphic shows the positions of the rotary valve as the coolant temperature increases.

Operating strategy of the heat management module
Circuit diagram of heat management module in B58TU engine

0 % - Rotary valve closed
100% - Rotary valve open

  1. Cold start
  2. Warm-up phase
  3. Operating temperature
  4. Transition from normal operation to maximum cooling requirement
  5. Maximum cooling requirement

x - Rotational angle in angular degrees

  1. Heater circuit
  2. Main coolant circuit
  3. Minor coolant circuit

The openings on the rotary valve vary the cross-sections of the different coolant ducts as a function of the rotational angle of the rotary valve. The following graphics schematically represent the various engine operation phases, from cold start to maximum cooling requirement.


 Cold-start phase

Point A in the heat management module circuit diagram designates the cold start with an engine that has completely cooled down. Cold-start phase, Bx8TU engine In the cold-start phase, the coolant c

 Operating temperature

The positions of the rotary valve at engine operating temperature are shown by area C of the circuit diagram. Operating temperature, Bx8TU engine The graphic shows control with the engine at operat

 Coolant pump

The layout and function of the coolant pump have been revised and adapted to match the cooling concept of the Bx8 TU engines. Coolant pump, Bx8TU engine Pressure relief valve closed (pr



On the G30 the stratification for the driver/front passenger is not adjusted in the usual manner by the knurled wheels on the front dash panel. Instead, there is a menu button located in the center of the IHKA control panel. Pressing this button opens the IHKA menu in the CID. Once the menu is di

 Rear automatic climate control

Overview Buttons in the vehicle Climate control functions Temperature Maximum cooling AUTO program Air flow, manual Air distribution, manual Seat heating Switching on/off Via iDrive 1. "My Vehicle" 2. "Vehicle settings" 3. "Climate functions" 4. "Rear climate" The rear automatic climate control

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