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BMW 5 Series: Split cooling

A new development for the B58TU engine is the split cooling. A cooling concept which is used the N63 TU2.

The split cooling function uses the electric split cooling valve, eSCV, to enable on-demand decoupling of the crankcase from the coolant flow both in the warm-up phase and in partial load operation. In this situation, the coolant is exclusively routed through the cylinder head. The engine reaches its operating temperature more quickly in the warm-up phase, and can be operated with reduced emissions in partial load operation.

Split cooling
Cooling circuit, B58TU engine

  1. High cooling requirement, split cooling cylinder head
  2. Low cooling requirement, split cooling crankcase
  1. Cylinder head
  2. Crankcase
  3. Heat management module
  4. Electric Split Cooling Valve (eSCV)
  5. Coolant pump

Split cooling
Cooling system for B58TU engine

  1. Coolant radiator
  2. Coolant temperature sensor, radiator outlet
  3. Electric fan
  4. Electric split cooling valve
  5. Coolant pump
  6. Pressure relief valve
  7. Coolant temperature sensor, crankcase
  8. Crankcase
  9. Cylinder head
  10. Exhaust turbocharger
  11. Heating
  12. Component temperature sensor
  13. Expansion tank
  14. Engine oil/coolant heat exchanger
  15. Transmission oil/coolant heat exchanger
  16. Heat management module

In split cooling, the cooling requirements for the crankcase and the cylinder head are managed by the electric split cooling valve. The fact that the engine reaches operating temperature more quickly again translates to substantial consumption and emission reductions.


     Split cooling valve

    Heat management module with electric split cooling valve Electric split cooling valve To guarantee optimal heat distribution during the cylinder head and crankcase warm-up, the coolant supply fo

     Heat management module

    The function of the heat management module is similar to that of the heat management module of the B58 engine. B58TU engine heat management module Coolant output towards the coolant pump Electri

     Operating strategy of the heat management module

    The following graphic shows the positions of the rotary valve as the coolant temperature increases. Circuit diagram of heat management module in B58TU engine 0 % - Rotary valve closed 100% - R



    Various representations in the CID are possible depending on the vehicle equipment. The respective peripheral region in the PDC view flashes red if vehicles are detected by the sensors. G30 Cross Traffic Alert in the PDC view In vehicles with the Parking Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5D

     Roller Sunblind

    System wiring diagram Roller sunblind Fuses in the power distribution box, front right Body Domain Controller (BDC) CAN terminator Trunk function module (HKFM) Fuse for rear right power distribution box Roller sunblind motor, rear window Switch block, driver's door Steering Column Switch C

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