BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Overview

The vehicle interior shows significant further developments in comparison to the F10. The all-round visibility has been improved. This is further supported by the very flat design of the roof function center. In addition, the headliner, which is equipped with sound insulation, helps to make the interior cabin noticeably quieter than the F10.

Interior Equipment
G30 Front overview

  1. Gesture recognition camera
  2. Roof switch panel
  3. Central Information Display (CID)
  4. Glove box
  5. Hotel position switch
  6. Center console
  7. Cup holder and wireless charging station
  8. Heating and air conditioning controls/audio operating unit with touch operation
  9. Glove box, driver's side
  10. Instrument cluster



    Front seats As a design element, the seats are an important element of a sporty-luxurious vehicle interior. Special stitching accents are provided in the form of decorative stitches for the Dakota l

     Seat heating for driver/front passenger

    For the first time on a BMW vehicle it is now possible to pre-set the seat heating. It is possible to select between the driver and front passenger and to choose the heating stage. If the ambient te

     Luggage Compartment

    Luggage compartment volume The luggage compartment capacity of the new BMW 5 Series has been increased by 10 liters in comparison to its predecessor, the F10, to 530 liters / 14 ft³. By adding a co


     Climate control

    Automatic climate control Temperature. Climate control operation. Maximum cooling. AUTO program. Recirculated-air mode. Air flow, manual. Air distribution, manual. SYNC program. Defrost and defog window. Rear window defroster. Active seat ventilation. Seat heating. Opening the Climate men

     Cross Traffic Alert

    The Cross Traffic Alert was used for the first time in the G12. This warning assists the driver when maneuvering out of a parking space and in other everyday situations where it is difficult to see the traffic, such as at blind entrances and exits. Depending on the vehicle equipment, the Cross Tr

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