BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Seats

Front seats

As a design element, the seats are an important element of a sporty-luxurious vehicle interior. Special stitching accents are provided in the form of decorative stitches for the Dakota leather trim and for the Saddle leather trim. The following front seat variants are available for the G30:

Interior Equipment

On the multifunction seat, 5 touch-sensitive sensors are integrated in the switches for fore-and-aft seat adjustment. As a result, when the adjustment switch is touched a pop-up is opened in the Central Information Display (CID), which shows the function and adjustment range of the switch that has been touched. Further information on this topic can be found in the Technical Reference Material "ST1501 G12 Complete Vehicle".

Massage functions

A massage programme is offered for the driver and front passenger in conjunction with the multifunction seat. Eight different massage functions in the backrest and seat cushion activate or relax the muscles, thereby helping to relax the back muscles and relieve the strain on the intervertebral discs. Here, the occupants can choose between 3 different intensity levels.

Interior Equipment
G30 Multifunction seat

  1. Air cushion for shoulders (massage)
  2. Air cushion on inner backrest (massage)
  3. Air cushion for lumbar region (massage)
  4. Air cushion for lumbar support
  5. Air cushion for seat surface (massage)
  6. Seat pneumatics module pump
  7. Seat pneumatics module (control unit and valve block)

The massage functions are controlled by the respective seat pneumatics modules.

When working on the pneumatic components, it must be ensured that the lines are routed exactly, otherwise there is a risk of the lines being kinked.


With the mobilization program, it is possible to choose between the pelvis, upper body or full body.

During the massage, the strain on the spine is relieved by targeted body movements.


Three different regions of the body can be selected for the relaxation program. Targeted massage helps to relax the back, shoulder or lumbar muscles.


The vitalization program is made up of both mobilization and relaxation. The occupant can choose between the body areas of upper body and full body. The combination of movement and massage ensures optimum relaxation and recuperation particularly on long journeys.


     Seat heating for driver/front passenger

    For the first time on a BMW vehicle it is now possible to pre-set the seat heating. It is possible to select between the driver and front passenger and to choose the heating stage. If the ambient te

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     Seat belt buckle switch

    The seat belt buckle switches are located in the seat belt buckles of the driver and front passenger seat. European version vehicles are additionally equipped with seat belt buckle switches on the rear seat bench. The seat belt buckle switch detects whether the seat belt buckle tongue is in the

     Limits of the system

    The collision warning has a limited capacity for detection. As a result, incorrect or delayed warnings may occur and consequently Evasion Aid is limited in its operation. It is also possible that the following vehicles are not detected: A slow vehicle when driving off at high speed. Vehicles th

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