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BMW 5 Series: Introduction, Display


There is only one instrument cluster available with the launch of the G30. The instrument cluster has an 8.8" TFT display and therefore allows for situation-dependent display of information that is relevant to the driver. This flexible display of information achieves a maximum degree of clarity and comfort and is used among other things for the following improvements:

  • Minimization of driver distraction by optimum arrangement of related functions and situation- based displays.
  • Improvement of the driving experience by the display hierarchy and design adapted to the driving situation.
  • Improved driving comfort through the display of new indicating instruments and functions (e.g. picture-in-picture map display on the instrument cluster).

Instrument Cluster
Overview of the G30 instrument cluster


Instrument Cluster
BMW 5 Series instrument cluster warning and indicator lights

  1. Dynamic Stability Control deactivated; Dynamic Traction Control activated
  2. Lane departure warning
  3. Seat belt warning
  4. Airbag warning light
  5. Turn signal indicator light / Hazard warning, left
  6. Side light and/or low-beam headlight active
  7. Fog light
  8. High-beam assistant
  9. High-beam headlight
  10. Fog light
  11. Turn signal indicator light / Hazard warning, right
  12. Parking brake
  13. Automatic Hold activated
  14. Brake system
  15. Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
  16. Engine malfunction
  17. Steering system
  18. Dynamic Stability Control
  19. Tire pressure control


     Driving Modes

    The displays of the instrument cluster are displayed depending on the driving mode selected. A distinction is made between the 3 following modes on the BMW 5 Series: Comfort Sport ECO Pro BMW

     Showroom mode

    The Showroom mode enables you to view the various instrument cluster displays and the Head-Up Display during a "virtual" journey. The Showroom mode is started via the test functions of the instrumen


    Overview A Touch Controller is installed in the G30: G30 Controller Controller Direct access keys Menu MEDIA COM MAP NAV BACK OPTION Controller with a touch control box The touch entry is p


     Evasion Aid

    Often a collision with another vehicle (at the end of a traffic jam for example) or obstacle can only be prevented by an avoidance maneuver. Since the driver's response time plays a decisive role in an avoidance maneuver just as in a braking maneuver, Evasion Aid is able to make a considerable co

     Functional prerequisites

    To use the Parking Maneuvering Assistant function, the following basic prerequisites must be met: The doors must be closed The trunk lid must be closed The driver's seat belt must be fastened The parking brake must be released Measuring parking spaces Parking spaces are measured while driving

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