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BMW 5 Series: Installation locations of control units

Control Units
Installation locations of control units

  1. Rear view camera (RFK)
  2. Remote control receiver (FBD)
  3. Top HiFi amplifier (AMPT)
  4. Lane change warning (secondary) (SWW2)
  5. Video module (VM) (Not for the US)
  6. Light Effect Manager (LEM)
  7. Active Sound Design (ASD)
  8. Telematic Communication Box (TCB)
  9. Wireless charging tray (WCA)
  10. Seat pneumatics module front left (SPNMVL)
  11. Roof function center (FZD)
  12. Camera-based driver support systems (KAFAS)
  13. High-beam assistant (FLA)
  14. Instrument panel (KOMBI)
  15. Electronic steering lock (ELV) (Not for the US, manual transmission vehicles only)
  16. Control unit for rear view camera and SideView (TRSVC)
  17. Optional equipment system (SAS)
  18. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  19. Digital Motor Electronics (DME)
  20. Frontal Light Electronics Left (FLEL)
  21. Radar Sensor Left (RSL)
  22. Active Cruise Control (ACC) Long Range Radar (LRR)
  23. Electric active roll stabilization front (EARSV)
  24. Frontal Light Electronics Right (FLER)
  25. Radar Sensor Right (RSR)
  26. Digital Engine Electronics 2 (DME2)
  27. Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
  28. Electronic transmission control (EGS)
  29. Integrated automatic heating / air conditioning (IHKA)
  30. Head Unit (HEADUNIT)
  31. Night vision electronics (NVE)
  32. Near Field Communication (NFC) (Not for the US)
  33. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  34. Transfer case
  35. Driver's seat module (SMFA)
  36. Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)
  37. Gear selector switch (GWS)
  38. Controller (CON)
  39. Front passenger seat module, (SMBF)
  40. Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
  41. Seat pneumatics module front right (SPNMVR)
  42. Rear axle slip angle control (HSR)
  43. Electric active roll stabilization rear (EARSH)
  44. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) (Currently not available for the US)
  45. Trailer module AHM (Not for the US)
  46. Parking Maneuver Assistant (PMA)
  47. Vertical dynamic platform
  48. Power Control Unit
  49. Trunk function module (HKFM)
  50. Lane change warning SWW (primary) also know as the Short Range Radar Sensor (SRR)



    Body Domain Controller (BDC) Body Domain Controller (BDC) BDC functions The Body Domain Controller BDC is responsible for the following functions: Gateway Electronic immobilizer Terminal control

     Control units on the MOST bus

    Head unit Head unit On the G30, the head unit can be operated by touch at the CID in addition to operation via the controller. In the case of optional equipment with gesture control, selected funct

     Control units on the K-CAN2

    Roof function center (FZD) Roof function center (FZD) Depending on the vehicle equipment the roof function center FZD includes the corresponding components for: Alarm system Control, slide/tilt s



    Overview The following actuators are installed in the G30: Two-stage driver's airbag Two-stage front passenger airbag Knee airbag on front left and right Head airbag on left and right Side airbag on front left and right Reel pretensioner with adaptive force limiter Safety battery terminal I

     System Overview

    IHKA, 3/2-zone The climate control system is divided into two zones. The first digit "3" represents the individually adjustable temperature settings, the second digit "2" represents the zones in which the amount of air can be individually controlled. In the G30, a 3/2-zone IHKA system is installe

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