BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Control units on the MOST bus

Head unit

Control Units
Head unit

On the G30, the head unit can be operated by touch at the CID in addition to operation via the controller. In the case of optional equipment with gesture control, selected functions can also be operated by means of gestures.

Hi-fi amplifier with MOST bus

The following amplifiers are used in the G30 depending on the audio systems:

  • Standard 8-channel amplifier without bus connection for HiFi audio system.
  • Optional 9-channel amplifier for Top HiFi audio system.
  • Optional 10-channel amplifier for High End audio system.

HiFi amplifier

8-channel amplifier without bus connection with a power of 205 W.

Control Units
HiFi amplifier

Top Harmon Kardon HiFi amplifier

9-channel amplifier with MOST bus and a power of 600 W.

Control Units
Top HiFi amplifier

High End Bowers & Wilkins amplifier

10-channel amplifier with MOST bus and a power of 1400 W.

Control Units
High End amplifier

Rear seat entertainment (RSE)

Control Units
Rear Seat Entertainment (RSR)

The Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) on the G30 is equipped with a Blu-ray drive.


     Control units on the K-CAN2

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    Electrically adjustable seats Thigh support Forward/backward, height, seat tilt Upper backrest Backrest width Lumbar support Backrest tilt, head restraint Adjusting the head restraint Adjusting the height: power head restraints Push switch up or down. Adjusting the distance: manual head re


    On the G30 the 2-wire OABR Ethernet (OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach) from the G12 is used. The Ethernet variant with 5 lines (4 data lines and 1 activation line) is still used on the G30 by the OBD2 interface to the Body Domain Controller. Use of 2-wire OABR Ethernet on the G30 The following control

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