BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Adaptive M chassis


The Adaptive M chassis is a controllable sport chassis/suspension. This system reduces undesirable vehicle motion when using a dynamic driving style or traveling on uneven road surfaces.

This enhances the driving dynamics and driving comfort depending on the road surface condition and driving style.

General information

The system offers several different damping settings.

The damping settings are assigned to the different driving modes of the Driving Dynamics Control.

Adaptive M Chassis

Adaptive M Chassis Professional


The Adaptive M Suspension Professional is an actively controlled sport chassis/suspension. The system increases driving comfort and minimizes the lateral tilt when driving around curves.

The Adaptive M Suspension Professional encompasses the following systems:

  • Low-lying sport chassis.
  • Adaptive chassis.
  • Active roll stabilization.
  • Integral Active Steering.

General information

For active control, this system uses the available information, for instance from the navigation system or the Driving style analysis.

This information influences the control of the following systems, especially in ADAPTIVE driving mode:

  • Adaptive chassis
  • Active roll stabilization
  • Integral Active Steering

This further increases the agility and comfort of the vehicle.

The function may be restricted if the navigation data is invalid, outdated or not available, for example.


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