BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Gasoline engines

B468/B58 Engine

The B46/B58 engines have two separate coolant circuits. The coolant in the low-temperature coolant circuit to cool the charge air. The coolant in the high-temperature coolant circuit to cool the engine.

The two coolant circuits each have their own expansion tank.

Gasoline engines
Overview of the components of the cooling system B46/B58 engine in the G30

  1. Low-temperature radiator
  2. High-temperature radiator
  3. Fan
  4. Charge air cooler (integrated in the intake pipe)
  5. Transmission oil-to-coolant heat exchanger
  6. Expansion tank, low-temperature circuit
  7. Expansion tank, high-temperature circuit

N63TU2 Engine

Gasoline engines
Overview of the components of the cooling system N63TU2 engine in the G30

  1. External radiator (high-temperature coolant circuit)
  2. Charge air cooler (indirect charge air cooler)
  3. Expansion tank, low-temperature circuit
  4. Expansion tank, high-temperature circuit
  5. Radiator high-temperature coolant circuit
  6. Radiator low-temperature coolant circuit


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    Special sizes (special approval) which are not listed in the menu must be entered by selecting "Other tires". Entering tire special sizes in the electronic tire pressures label on the G30 Special approval (special sizes) Other tires Perform reset Note that reset possible only when stationary

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