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BMW 5 Series: Rear automatic climate control

BMW 5 Series 2016-2023 Owners Manual / Climate control / Rear automatic climate control


Buttons in the vehicle

Climate control functions

Climate control functions

Maximum cooling Temperature

AUTO program Maximum cooling

Air flow, manual AUTO program

Air distribution, manual Air flow, manual

Seat heatingAir distribution, manual

Switching on/offSeat heating

Switching on/off

Via iDrive

1. "My Vehicle"

2. "Vehicle settings"

3. "Climate functions"

4. "Rear climate"

The rear automatic climate control is not ready for operation if the automatic climate control is switched off or if the function for defrosting the windows and removing condensation is active.

Using the button: switching on

Press any button except for the following:

  • Left side of air flow button.
  • Seat heating.

Using the button: switching off

the button.Press and hold the left side of the button.



The automatic climate control achieves the set temperature as quickly as possible, if needed, by using the maximum cooling or heating capacity, and then keeps it constant.


desired Turn the wheel to set the desired temperature.

Do not rapidly switch between different temperature settings. Otherwise, the automatic climate control will not have sufficient time to adjust the set temperature.

Maximum cooling


The system is set to the lowest temperature, optimum air flow and recirculated-air mode with the drive-ready state switched on.

General information

The function is available with external temperatures above approx. 32 ℉/0 ℃ and with the drive-ready state switched on.

Switching on/off

Press the button.

The LED is illuminated with the system switched on.

Air flows out of the vents to the upper body region.

The vents need to be open for this.

AUTO program


Air flow, air distribution and temperature are controlled automatically.

Switching on/off

Press the button.

The LED is illuminated with the AUTO program switched on.

Depending on the selected temperature, the AUTO intensity, and outside influences, the air is directed to the upper body and into the floor area.


With the AUTO program activated, the automatic intensity control can be changed:

the button:Press the left or right side of the button: to decrease or increase intensity.

The selected intensity is shown on the display of the automatic climate control.

Controlling the air flow manually


The air flow for climate control can be adjusted manually.

General information

To adjust the air flow manually switch off AUTO program first.


the button: Press the left or right side of the button: to decrease or increase air flow.

The selected air flow is shown on the display of the automatic climate control.

Controlling the air distribution manually


The air distribution for climate control can be adjusted manually.


select aPress the button repeatedly to select a program:

  • Upper body region.
  • Upper body region and floor area.
  • Floor area.


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