BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Crankcase monitoring

On-board diagnosis

Crankcase monitoring
Feed-in point of the blow-by gases to the clean air line upstream from the exhaust turbocharger

  1. Non-return valve
  2. Connection to exhaust turbocharger
  3. Captive screws
  4. Crankcase bleeding connection
  5. Tank ventilation connection
  6. Connection to clean air line
  7. Aluminum heating pipe
  8. Electrical connection of heating element

Owing to the stricter legislation in the USA, the engines for the US market have an OBD concept "pressure sensor". With a differential pressure sensor in the tank ventilation system and the hot film air mass meter, leaks in the crankcase ventilation, tank ventilation, as well as the blow-by lines can be identified. Via a feed-in point at the exhaust turbocharger the blow-by gases are fed back into the clean air line of the air intake system.


     Exhaust turbocharger

    B58TU exhaust turbocharger Exhaust turbocharger in the B58TU engine Exhaust turbocharger made of steel, for cylinder head-integrated exhaust manifold ZIAK¹ Exhaust turbocharger made of steel, f

     Fuel System

    Fuel preparation The fuel preparation has been modified to meet the requirements of emission legislation. The high pressure pump and the injectors have been revised and designed for a fuel injection

     Direct rail

    Mounting the injectors Mounting bolts Plastic sleeve Holding clamp with bayonet fitting Rail Solenoid valve injector Cast lug The solenoid valve injectors are fastened to the holding clamp w



    Exterior mirrors General information The mirror on the front passenger side is more curved than the driver's side mirror. The mirror setting is stored for the driver profile currently in use. When the vehicle is unlocked via the vehicle key, the position is automatically retrieved if the function i

     System overview

    The Top Rear Side View Camera (TRSVC) and Optional Equipment System (SAS) control units are the central system components of the Remote Control Parking function. The Park Distance Control (PDC) and Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) ultrasonic sensors, and the Surround View cameras record the ar

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