BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Control units on the local CAN

The control units on the local CAN are not displayed in the bus overview by the BMW diagnosis system ISTA. Diagnosis takes place via the corresponding primary control unit.

Radar sensor (primary)

Control Units
Radar sensor, left (RSL) and radar sensor, right (RSR)

The control units for the radar sensor, front right (RSR) and radar sensor, front left (RSL) are installed at the front right and front left of the vehicle for the optional equipment Driving Assist Plus.

Lane change warning SWW2 (secondary) also know as the Short Range Radar Sensor (SRR2)

Control Units
Lane change warning

Both control units lane change warning SWW/SRR (primary) and SWW2/SRR2 (secondary) are shown in the picture. The SWW/SRR (primary) control unit is located on the right. The control unit lane change warning SWW2/SRR2 (secondary) is on the left. The control unit lane change warning SWW2/ SRR2 (secondary) is connected with the control unit lane change warning SWW/SRR (primary) via a local CAN. Diagnose with the BMW diagnosis system takes place via the primary control unit.


     Voltage Supply

     Overview of voltage supply

    System wiring diagram Voltage supply Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Starter motor Alternator Power distribution box, engine compartment Jump start terminal point Auxiliary battery, engine com


    Overview of luggage compartment Battery Power distribution box, battery, right Power distribution box, rear Power Control Unit (PCU) 500 W Power Control Unit (PCU) 150 W Power distribution box


     Airbag front sensor

    Two airbag front sensors are installed in the front area of the engine supports. The measured values are forwarded to the Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) where they are evaluated. The airbag front sensors on the left and right assist with the identification of a head-on crash. The sensors d

     Selector lever positions

    Drive mode D Selector lever position for normal vehicle operation. All gears for forward travel are activated automatically. R is reverse Engage selector lever position R only when the vehicle is stationary. Neutral N The vehicle may be pushed or roll without power, for instance in vehicle washes

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