BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Central locking system

System wiring diagram

Locking and Security Functions
Central locking system

  1. Hotel position switch
  2. Fuse for front right power distribution box
  3. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  4. Door lock, front passenger door
  5. Central locking button, front passenger door (depending on the national-market version)
  6. Power window electronics, passenger's side front
  7. Door lock, passenger's side, rear
  8. Actuator for fuel filler flap
  9. Trunk contact switch in the trunk lock
  10. Automatic Soft Close drive
  11. Fuse in the rear power distribution box
  12. Button for closing trunk
  13. Fuse in the rear power distribution box
  14. Remote control receiver (FBD)
  15. Door lock, driver's side, rear
  16. Power window electronics, driver's side front
  17. Door lock, driver's door
  18. Central locking button, driver's door
  19. Switch block, driver's door
  20. Button for opening trunk


The function of the central locking system of the G30 is based on that of current BMW models.

All functions relevant for the central locking system are controlled by the Body Domain Controller.

The function is as follows:

  • The radio signal from the ID transmitter is received by the remote control receiver.
  • The signal causes the BDC to activate the central locking system and the interior lighting.
  • The BDC evaluates the status of all door contacts of the trunk and the hotel position switch.
  • The status of the central locking system button is also evaluated by the BDC. The BDC activates the central locking system, depending on the status.
  • The BDC is responsible for activation of the central locking system and the drive for automatic soft-close in the trunk.
  • Activation of fuel filler flap unlocking is also performed by the BDC.


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