BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Displays in the instrument cluster

Display in the speedometer

  • active,Green marking: system is active, the marking indicates the desired speed.
  • Orange/white marking: system is interrupted, the marking indicates the stored speed.
  • No marking: system is switched off.

Status display

hidden afterThe selected desired speed is hidden after a brief time.

Distance to vehicle ahead of you

Selected distance to the vehicle ahead of you is shown.

Distance 2 Distance 1

Distance 3 Distance 2

Distance 4 Distance 3

This value is set automatically Distance 4

This value is set automatically after the system is switched on.

No distance control display, as System interrupted.

the accelerator pedal is being No distance control display, as the accelerator pedal is being pressed.

Detected vehicle

A vehicle has been detectedGreen symbol: A vehicle has been detected ahead of you. The system maintains the set distance to the vehicle in front.

As soon as the detected vehicle drives off, the vehicle symbol in the distance indicator will move away.

To accelerate, activate ACC, for instance by briefly stepping on the accelerator pedal or pressing the rocker switch.

Indicator/warning lights

The conditions are not adequate Vehicle symbol flashes: The conditions are not adequate for the system to work.

The system was deactivated but applies the brakes until you actively resume control by pressing on the brake pedal or accelerator pedal.

bars flash red and an The vehicle symbol and distance bars flash red and an acoustic signal sounds: Brake and make an evasive maneuver, if necessary.

Displays in the Head-up Display

Desired speed

Some system information can also be displayed in the Head-up Display.

the set The symbol is displayed when the set desired speed is reached.

Distance information

distanceThe symbol is displayed when the distance from the vehicle traveling ahead is too short.

The distance information is active in the following situations:

  • Active Cruise Control switched off.
  • Display in the Head-up Display selected.
  • Distance too short.
  • Speed greater than approx. 40 mph/70 km/h.


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