BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Alongside the Vertical Dynamics Platform (VDP) control unit, the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) represents the core element of the driving dynamics control systems used to increase active safety. It optimizes driving stability in all driving conditions and also traction when driving off and accelerating.

Furthermore, it identifies unstable driving conditions such as under or oversteering and helps maintain the stability of the vehicle.

Driving Stability Control
TRW Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) EBC460

  1. DSC control unit
  2. Rear left wheel brake connection
  3. Rear right wheel brake connection
  4. Front right wheel brake connection
  5. Front left wheel brake connection
  6. Tandem master brake cylinder for brake circuit 1 connection
  7. Hydraulic units
  8. Electric motor
  9. Holder
  10. Tandem master brake cylinder for brake circuit 2 connection
  11. DSC control unit connector strip

The connections have differing thread diameters to prevent confusion of the brake lines on the DSC.


Modern DSC units have a variety of different functions with the help of which they support the driver in hazardous situations and in sporty driving.

Driving Stability Control

Driving Stability Control

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