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BMW 5 Series: Active air flap control

It was possible to carry over the active air-flap control from the G12. The cooling surfaces at the front of the vehicle can be closed by means of two separate air flaps. This reduces the drag coefficient and thus saves fuel. A further advantage is faster heating up of the engine after a cold start.

System wiring diagram

Active air flap control
Air flap control system wiring diagram in the G30

  1. Engine control unit (DME)
  2. Coolant temperature sensor
  3. Active air-flap control, top
  4. Active air-flap control, bottom
  5. Electric fan
  6. Relay for electric fan
  7. Power distribution box, engine compartment
  8. Power distribution box, front right
  9. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  10. CAN terminator 4
  11. KOMBI
  12. Coolant level sensor


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