BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Sub-bus systems


For a better overview, the LIN buses are divided up between several wiring diagrams for the G30.

LIN bus overview in the door area

Sub-bus systems

  1. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  2. Exterior mirror, front passenger side
  3. Memory seat, front passenger's side
  4. Power window electronics, passenger's side front
  5. Power window electronics, passenger's side rear
  6. Hands free trunk opening
  7. Power window electronics, driver's side rear
  8. Power window electronics, driver's side front
  9. Memory switch, driver's side front
  10. Switch block, driver's door
  11. Exterior mirror, driver's side

LIN bus overview for engine electrical system and voltage supply

Sub-bus systems

  1. Air damper control
  2. Electric fan
  3. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  4. Power Control Unit (PCU) 500W
  5. Rear right power distribution box
  6. Power Control Unit (PCU) 150 W 1
  7. Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)
  8. Alternator
  9. Digital Motor Electronics (DME)

1The Power Control Unit PCU 150 W is installed in vehicles with 24 V steering.

LIN bus overview for roof function center

Sub-bus systems

  1. Rain‐light‐solar-condensation sensor
  2. Inside mirror
  3. Roof function center (FZD)
  4. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  5. Sliding roofliner motor
  6. Interior lighting, rear
  7. Siren with tilt alarm sensor (SINE)

LIN bus overview for steering column switch cluster and operating units

Sub-bus systems

  1. Wiper motor
  2. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  3. Operating unit, center console
  4. Audio operating facility
  5. Hazard warning switch/Intelligent Safety button
  6. Touch detection HOD (Hands Off Detection)
  7. Steering wheel module
  8. Multifunction steering wheel buttons, right
  9. Operating unit for light
  10. Steering column switch cluster (SZL)
  11. Steering column adjustment

LIN bus overview for integrated automatic heating/air conditioning system

Sub-bus systems

  1. Blower motor
  2. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  3. Operating unit, rear passenger compartment
  4. Stepper motor for blending flap, right rear passenger compartment
  5. Stepper motor for blending flap, left rear passenger compartment
  6. Stepper motor for blending flap, right
  7. Stepper motor for blending flap, left
  8. Stepper motor for air distribution, right rear passenger compartment
  9. Stepper motor for air distribution, left rear passenger compartment
  10. Stepper motor for footwell, right
  11. Stepper motor for footwell, left
  12. Stepper motor for stratification, right
  13. Stepper motor for stratification, left
  14. Stepper motor for ventilation, right
  15. Stepper motor for ventilation, left
  16. Stepper motor for defrost function
  17. Stepper motor for air recirculation function
  18. Stepper motor for fresh air
  19. Operating unit, air conditioning
  20. Touch operating unit in the center grill (Not for the US)
  21. Integrated Automatic Heating / Air conditioning (IHKA)

The LIN bus overview shows the Integrated Automatic Heating/Air conditioning system (IHKA) with the maximum possible LIN bus components.


     Local CAN

    In the G30 the following Local Controller Area Networks are available with the corresponding equipment: Local CAN from electronic transmission control (EGS) to the gear selector switch (GWS). Lo

     Control Units

     Installation locations of control units

    Installation locations of control units Rear view camera (RFK) Remote control receiver (FBD) Top HiFi amplifier (AMPT) Lane change warning (secondary) (SWW2) Video module (VM) (Not for the US)


     Additional functions

    General information Depending on the mobile phone and the installed apps, the following contents of the mobile phone are transmitted to the vehicle: Contacts. Short messages. Data transfer can take several minutes. Certain functions may need to be enabled by the mobile phone provider or service


    Overview The following actuators are installed in the G30: Two-stage driver's airbag Two-stage front passenger airbag Knee airbag on front left and right Head airbag on left and right Side airbag on front left and right Reel pretensioner with adaptive force limiter Safety battery terminal I

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