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BMW 5 Series: Steering column switches

In the G30, the turn signal/high beam switch and the wash/wipe switch immediately engage when operated. The one-touch signalling and headlight flasher continue to function as before. This measure was implemented in response to customer requests. The one-touch button will gradually disappear from BMW vehicles.

Control Elements
G30 Steering column switches

Wash/wipe switch

The rain sensor mode is activated at the first detent position. An LED on the wash/wipe switch indicates that the rain sensor mode is activated.

Following a terminal change, the rain sensor mode is automatically activated when the vehicle travels over 5 km/h / 3 mph. The LED on the wash/wipe switch indicates that the rain sensor mode has been reactivated.

The rain sensor mode is already included in the standard equipment.

Control Elements
G30 Wash/wipe switch

  1. Wash/wipe system settings
  2. Knurled wheel (sets the sensitivity of the rain sensor mode)
  3. Wash/wipe switch LED (rain sensor mode)


To avoid damage to the wiper blades when the windscreen is iced over, the rain sensor mode is not activated at temperatures of -5 ºC / 23 ºF or lower until the vehicle is travelling at a speed of more than 7 km/h / 4 mph.


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