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BMW 5 Series: Steering and traffic jam assistant

BMW 5 Series 2016-2023 Owners Manual / Driver assistance systems / Steering and traffic jam assistant


 Concept, General information, Safety information

Concept The system assists the driver in keeping the vehicle within the lane. For this purpose, the system executes supporting steering movements, for instance when driving in a curve. General informa


Button on the steering wheel Steering and traffic jam assistant on/ off Radar sensors The radar sensors are located in the bumpers. Front center bumper. Front side bumper. Rear bumper. Always kee

 Switching on/off

Switching on Press the button on the steering wheel. Steering wheel symbol lights up gray. The system is on standby and does not manipulate steering. System activates automatically as soon as all f


 Teleservice Report

Concept Transmits technical data that is evaluated for the ongoing development of BMW products from the vehicle to BMW in regular intervals, if needed. General information The Teleservice Report is free of charge and is activated in vehicles that meet the following requirements: Certain technical

 BMW M550i engine technical data

N63TU2 engine in the G30 Engine highlights N63B44O2 List of the most important special features: 1. Map-controlled oil pump. 2. Engine temperature management Split-Cooling-Combined (SCC). 3. Engine oil/coolant heat exchanger integrated in the v-space. 4. New coolant-cooled 8th generation Digita

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