BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Displays in the instrument cluster

The system is on standby.Gray steering wheel symbol: The system is on standby.

symbol: Green steering wheel symbol: The system is activated.

and a signal sounds, if applicable:Yellow steering wheel symbol and a signal sounds, if applicable: System interruption is imminent.

and lane marking symbol: Green steering wheel symbol and lane marking symbol: The system supports the driver in keeping the vehicle within the lane.

gray lane marking symbol: Green steering wheel symbol, gray lane marking symbol: No lane marking detected, the vehicle follows the vehicle ahead.

The limits of steering support when cornering may have been reached.

The hands are not grasping the Yellow steering wheel symbol: The hands are not grasping the steering wheel. The system is still active.

a signal sounds: Red steering wheel symbol and a signal sounds: The hands are not grasping the steering wheel. System interruption is imminent.

The system does not perform supportive steering wheel movements.

With Active Cruise Control, the system may reduce the speed.

Displays in the Head-up Display

All system information can also be displayed in the Head-up Display.

Lane change assistant


The system additionally supports the driver when changing lanes on multilane roads.

Functional requirements

  • The functional requirements of the steering and traffic jam assistant are fulfilled.
  • Driving on a road without pedestrians or cyclists and with physical barriers to oncoming traffic, such as crash barriers.
  • Lane markings have been detected.
  • Sensor system of the system is active and a vehicle approaching from the rear can be detected.
  • Blind spot collision warning and steering intervention are switched on.
  • Speed between approx. 43 mph, 70 km/h and approx. 110 mph, 180 km/h.

Changing lanes

1. Ensure that the traffic situation permits changing lanes.

2. Press the turn indicator lever in the required direction to the pressure point for signaling briefly.

Steering support in the required direction can be detected a short time later.

After the lane change, the system helps keep the

After the lane change, the system helps keep the vehicle in the new lane.

Canceling a lane change

The lane change can be canceled by steering into the opposite direction.


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