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BMW 5 Series: Navigation maps

The customer is given a three-year subscription for navigation map updates for both navigation systems (Professional Navigation System (OE 609). Furthermore, automatic updating of the navigation maps is available for both navigation systems. The prerequisite for this is a valid BMW ConnectedDrive contract (OE 6AK).

The following table features an overview of the navigation system in the G30:


Update options


The following options for updating the navigation maps are available:

  • Automatic updating
  • Updating during service
  • Updating by the customer

Automatic map data updating

The prerequisite for automatic updating of the navigation maps is a valid ConnectedDrive contract.

The region for automatic navigation map updating is set in the ConnectedDrive portal.

Enabling code

The enabling code for the navigation maps is 128 digits long for the headunit (HU-H2) (20 digits on older headunits). The enabling code is therefore no longer entered via the controller, but is provided on the USB stick together with the navigation maps.

Further information relating to navigation map updating may be found in the Aftersales Assistance Portal ASAP (Sweeping Technologies).

ConnectedDrive portal

The customer can download the navigation maps from the ConnectedDrive portal and upload them into the vehicle himself. A detailed description of this procedure may be found in the Training Reference Manual "ST1610 Infotainment 2016".




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