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BMW 5 Series: Partial network operation

Today's premium vehicles contain up to 70 control units with well over 100 micro-controllers which are networked with each other. However, depending on the current vehicle condition or the vehicle user requirements, not all convenience and assistance systems may always be needed.

It is possible to save energy, relieve the load on the battery and also prolong the battery life by targeted deactivation and activation on control units which are not needed, so-called selective partial network operation.

If functions are not used or needed when driving, e.g.:

  • Seat adjustment

Prerequisites for partial network operation

The partial network in the Body Domain Controller calculates the partial network status on the basis of the current vehicle condition and the required functions. The control units that are not required are switched off by means of the corresponding bus messages.

Prerequisites of control units for partial network operation

Different transceivers are used in order to operate the partial network operation in control units.

These transceivers are able to evaluate and interpret messages. This control unit remains switched off as long as any bus communication takes place without a valid wake-up event for the corresponding control unit being present. If a valid wake-up event for the corresponding control unit is sent on the bus, the transceiver can activate the voltage regulator of the micro-controller and the control unit starts up. The control unit is switched off by deactivation of the voltage regulator.


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