BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Bluetooth antenna

The Bluetooth antenna is installed on the side in the area of the center console. The Bluetooth antenna is designed as simple cable antenna.

Antenna System
G30 Bluetooth antenna

  1. Bluetooth antenna

WiFi antenna

The antenna for the vehicle WiFi is installed in the area of the left side sill. The WiFi antenna is designed as simple cable antenna.

Antenna System
G30 WiFi antenna vehicle WiFi

  1. WiFi antenna

The WiFi antenna for the hotspot is integrated in the TCB2.


     Rear Seat Entertainment

    Overview The rear seat entertainment in the G30 is available as optional equipment (OE 6FH). The rear seat entertainment corresponds to that of the G12, with the difference that the G30 does not in

     Navigation System


    New features in the G30 The G30 is based on the technology that was introduced in the 7 Series. This training manual describes the new features or changes when compared to the G12. The table below l


     Steering interventions

    If the current course of the vehicle deviates too much from the target trajectory (path curve), a steering correction is initiated. The steering intervention is a corrective measure. This means the driver is not relieved of his duty to steer the vehicle. As the corrective steering interventions a


    Setting the language Via iDrive: 1. "My Vehicle". 2. "iDrive settings". 3. If necessary, "Language". 4. "Language:". 5. Select the desired setting. The setting is stored for the driver profile currently used. Setting the voice dialog For voice dialog for the voice activation system Time Setting

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