BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Main bus systems


In the G30 the following K-CAN's are used:

  • K-CAN2
  • K-CAN3
  • K-CAN4
  • K-CAN5

The control units on the K-CAN5 are not displayed in the bus overview by the BMW diagnosis system ISTA. Diagnosis is performed via the Body Domain Controller.

All K-CAN data buses have a data transfer rate of 500 kBit/s.


In the G30 the following PT-CAN are used:

  • PT-CAN
  • PT-CAN2

The gateway for the PT-CAN2 is located in the DME.

Both PT-CAN data buses have a data transfer rate of 500 kBit/s.


On the G30 the MOST system known from other BMW models with a data transfer rate of 22.5 MBit/s is used. The gateway for the MOST system is located in the HEADUNIT.


Main bus systems

  1. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  2. Digital Motor Electronics (DME2) (8-cylinder engine)
  3. Transfer case
  4. Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
  5. Electric active roll stabilization front (EARSV)
  6. Digital Motor Electronics (DME) (4 & 6-cylinder engine)
  7. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  8. Vertical Dynamics Platform (VDP)
  9. Electric active roll stabilization rear (EARSH)
  10. Rear axle slip angle control (HSR)
  11. Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)
  12. Optional equipment system (SAS)

The FlexRay overview includes all engine versions and optional equipment. The DME (item 6) is used for 4 & 6-cylinder engines. On 8-cylinder engines the DME2 (item 2) is used. The terminating resistors for line termination are located in the DME control units and in the Body Domain Controller.

The FlexRay has a data transfer rate of 10 MBit/s.



    On the G30 the 2-wire OABR Ethernet (OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach) from the G12 is used. The Ethernet variant with 5 lines (4 data lines and 1 activation line) is still used on the G30 by the OBD2 in

     Sub-bus systems

    LIN-Bus For a better overview, the LIN buses are divided up between several wiring diagrams for the G30. LIN bus overview in the door area LIN-Bus Body Domain Controller (BDC) Exterior mirror, fr

     Local CAN

    In the G30 the following Local Controller Area Networks are available with the corresponding equipment: Local CAN from electronic transmission control (EGS) to the gear selector switch (GWS). Lo


     Intelligent Safety

    Due to the ever increasing amount of traffic on our roads, Driver Assistance Systems in vehicles continue to gain in importance. The systems have different functions: some gather information to help the driver in the decision-making process, while others take on the driver's roles in monotonous t


    Setting the language Via iDrive: 1. "My Vehicle". 2. "iDrive settings". 3. If necessary, "Language". 4. "Language:". 5. Select the desired setting. The setting is stored for the driver profile currently used. Setting the voice dialog For voice dialog for the voice activation system Time Setting

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