BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Lower

Antenna System
G30 Antennas - rear window

  1. FM1
  2. AM
  3. FM2

Roof antenna

The TCB2 is designed as roof variant in the G30. The roof-mounted antenna is connected directly with the TCB2 via plug-in contacts.

Antenna System
G30 connection roof-mounted antenna

  1. TEL1 (telephone connection customer telephone and telematics connection)
  2. TEL2 (telematics connection)
  3. GPS
  4. SDARS

You can find additional information about the TCB2 as roof variant in the "ST1501 G12 Complete Vehicle" Telephone and Telematics Systems section of the Technical Reference manual.


Antenna System
G30 components antennas

  1. Roof antenna
  2. Wave trap additional brake light
  3. Antenna amplifier
  4. Wave trap, heated rear window


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