BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Input and display

Letters and numbers

Letters and numbers can be entered using the Controller or the touchscreen. The keyboard's display changes automatically.

lower-case letters.Change between capital and lower-case letters.

Use voice activation. Insert blank space.

Confirm entry. Use voice activation.

Entry comparison Confirm entry.

Entry comparison

When entering names and addresses, the choice is narrowed down with every letter entered and letters may be added automatically.

Entries are continuously compared with data stored in the vehicle.

  • Only those letters are offered during entry for which data is available.
  • Destination search: place names can be entered in all languages that are available in iDrive.

Activating/deactivating the functions

Several menu items are preceded by a checkbox.

The checkbox indicates whether the function is activated or deactivated. Selecting the menu item activates or deactivates the function.

Function is activated.

Status information Function is deactivated.

Status information

General information

The status field can be found in the upper area of the Control Display. Status information is displayed in the form of symbols.

Status field symbols


received.HD Radio station is being received.

Telephone Satellite radio is switched on.


Missed call. Incoming or outgoing call.

Signal strength of cellular Missed call.

network. Signal strength of cellular network.

Cellular network is not Network search.

available. Cellular network is not available.

mobile The critical charge state of the mobile phone has been reached.

  SMS text message received. Roaming is active.

Message received.  SMS text message received.

Reminder. Message received.

Sending not possible. Reminder.

Contacts are being loaded. Sending not possible.

Entertainment Contacts are being loaded.


USB audio interface. Bluetooth audio.

WiFi. USB audio interface.

Other symbols WiFi.

Other symbols

The sound output has been Check Control message.

switched off. The sound output has been switched off.

position. Request for the current vehicle position.

position. Checking the current vehicle position.

Split screen, split screen display

General information

Additional information, for instance information from the Onboard Computer can be displayed in several menus on the right side of the split screen display, referred to as the split screen.

The additional information remains visible even when switching to another menu on the split screen.

Switching on/off

1. Press the button.

2. "Split screen"

Selecting the display

The display can be selected in menus which support the split screen function.

1. Move the Controller to the right until the split screen is selected.

2. Press the Controller.

3. Select the desired setting.

Specifying the number of displays

It is possible to specify the number of displays.

1. Move the Controller to the right until the split screen is selected.

2. Press the Controller.

3. "Personalize menu".

4. Select the desired setting.

5. Move the Controller to the left.


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