BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: External devices

General information

External devices can also be connected to the vehicle as additional entertainment sources.

  • Connection of external audio and video devices or digital cameras via the HDMI in the rear. Operation takes place on the external device.
  • Connection of external devices via the USB audio interface in the rear. Operation is the same as in the front.
  • Pairing a smartphone with the vehicle, Screen Mirroring.

Due to the large number of different audio and video devices available on the market, it cannot be ensured that every audio and video device will be displayed correctly on the screen.

Starting playback

1. "MEDIA"

2. Select device.

  • "HDMI"
  • "USB"
  • Name of the USB storage device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are radio stations or TV channels grayed out and cannot be selected?

  • Function is limited due to the selected priority.

    Change setting.

Why does the CD/DVD/Blu-ray not play back?

  • Playback does not begin automatically. Start CD/DVD/Blu-ray manually.

Why can the volume of the rear vehicle speakers not be adjusted?

  • Sound in the rear is output via the headphones.

    Change priority, if needed, and output sound via vehicle speakers.




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