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BMW 5 Series: Steering

The G30 has Electronic Power Steering (EPS) in the following different versions:

  • Standard steering 12 V
  • Integral Active Steering 12 V
  • Integral Active Steering 24 V

Overview of equipment specifications

The following graphic shows the installation positions of the different system components.

Driving Stability Control
Overview of steering system types in the G30

  1. Electromechanical Power Steering

1a - Conventional rack geometry (standard steering)
1b - Variable rack geometry (Integral Active Steering)

  1. Power Control Unit (PCU) (only for 24 V steering)
  2. Rear axle slip angle control Integral Active Steering
  3. 12 V auxiliary battery (only for 24 V steering)
  4. Separating element (only for 24 V steering)
  5. 12 V battery
  6. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Only the basic steering is offered in some vehicle types.

Driving Stability Control

Integral Active Steering is offered as 12 V or 24 V steering depending on the front axle load.

The following information for the voltage range of the Integral Active Steering applies for series launch.

The values can change at any point during series production.


Driving Stability Control

Steering wheels

Driving Stability Control
Overview of the steering wheel versions on the G30

  1. Sports steering wheel with shift paddles (382 mm) standard on all G30 models except on the M550i xDrive
  2. M sports steering wheel with shift paddles (373 mm) standard on the M550i xDrive, optional on all other G30 models

The following additional functions in the steering wheel can be present as options:

  • Heated steering wheel.
  • Steering wheel vibration for assistance systems such as lane departure and lane change warning.
  • Touch detection for the traffic jam assistant function.

Steering column adjustment

Steering column is adjusted electronically.

Driving Stability Control


     Electric Active Roll Stabilization (EARS)

    System overview of electric active stabilization in the G30 Electric active roll stabilization front (EARSV) Front right vertical acceleration sensor Auxiliary battery in the engine compartment

     General Vehicle Electronics

     Exterior Lights


     Lane Departure Warning

    The Lane Departure Warning is an element of the Active Driving Assistant, optional equipment (OE 5AS) and the Active Driving Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5AT). The Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings from a speed of approximately 43 mph (70 km/h) and warns the driver again

     PostCrash - iBrake

    Concept In the event of an accident, the system can bring the vehicle to a halt automatically without intervention by the driver in certain situations. This can reduce the risk of a further collision and the consequences thereof. At standstill After coming to a halt, the brake is released automatic

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