BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Control units on the PT-CAN

Digital Motor Electronics (DME, DME2)

Control Units
Digital Motor Electronics DME and DME2

The illustration shows the DME and DME2 control units. The DME control unit is on the left side (seen in the direction of travel).

The DME is responsible for the control of the combustion engine. In addition, the DME is the gateway between PT-CAN and PT-CAN2.

The DME control unit is installed for 4 and 6-cylinder gasoline engines.

The DME2 control unit is installed in addition to the DME control unit for 8-cylinder engines.

High-beam assistant (FLA)

Control Units
High-beam assistant (FLA)

On vehicles without camera-based driver assistance systems (KAFAS), the control unit for the high-beam assistant is integrated in the interior mirror. On vehicles with KAFAS, the function of the high-beam assistant is performed by the camera-based driver assistance system.

Instrument panel (KOMBI)

Control Units
Instrument panel (KOMBI)

One instrument cluster version is used in the G30, since the navigation system is standard equipment.

Night vision electronics (NVE)

Control Units
Night vision electronics (NVE)

The control unit Night Vision Electronics receives picture information from the Night Vision camera.

The picture information is transmitted via Color Video Blanking Signal to the HEADUNIT and can then be displayed on in the CID, instrument cluster and Head‐Up Display.


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