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BMW 5 Series: Control units on the PT-CAN2

Electronic transmission control (EGS)

Control Units
Electronic transmission control (EGS)

Gear selector switch (GWS)

Control Units
Gear selector switch (GWS)

The gear selector switch (GWS) is used for selecting a drive position.

The bus connection is via the PT-CAN2 and additionally via a local CAN to the electronic transmission control (EGS) unit.

Power Control Unit (PCU)

Control Units
Power Control Unit (PCU)

The Power Control Unit is required:

  • For charging the auxiliary battery.
  • For supplying the vehicle electrical system from the auxiliary battery.

The Power Control Unit (PCU) contains a DC/DC converter with a power of 500 W.

The preconditions for the direction of the energy management are calculated from the use of the vehicle. The auxiliary battery is charged by the PCU when the engine is running. During the phases in which the combustion engine is not running, e.g. automatic engine start/stop function, the PCU supplies energy from the auxiliary battery to the vehicle electrical system.


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