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BMW 5 Series: Control units on the K-CAN3

Frontal Light Electronics

Control Units
Frontal Light Electronics Right and Left

The control units Frontal Light Electronics Right (FLER) and Frontal Light Electronics Left (FLEL) are installed in the corresponding headlight.

The Frontal Light Electronics includes:

  • LED activation in the corresponding headlight.
  • Actuation of the bulb for the turn indicator (depending on the headlight variant).
  • Activation of the stepper motor for the headlight beam adjustment.
  • Actuation of the fans.

Parking Maneuver Assistant (PMA)

Control Units
Parking manoeuvring assistant (PMA)

The PMA control unit performs the corresponding functions depending on equipment:

  • Park Distance Control (PDC)
  • Parking assist
  • Parking Maneuver Assistant Plus

Park Distance Control (PDC) assists the driver when pulling in and out of a parking space.

The current distance from an obstruction is indicated by acoustic signals and on a visual display.

The Parking Maneuver Assistant performs parking in parking spaces.

In a vehicle with Parking Maneuver Assistant (PMA) all sensors of the Park Distance Control (PDC) are used. In addition, there is a sensor for the PMA in each case on the left and right of the front and rear bumper panels. For the parking assistant the camera systems of the vehicle are also required.

Lane change warning (SWW) also know as the Short Range Radar Sensor (SRR)

Control Units
Lane change warning (SWW/SRR)

Both control units lane change warning SWW (primary) and SWW2 (secondary) also know as the Short Range Radar Sensor (SRR/SRR2) are shown in the picture. The SWW/SRR (primary) control unit is located on the right. The control unit lane change warning SWW2/SRR2(secondary) is on the left.

The control unit for the lane change warning (SWW/SRR) is required for the following optional equipment:

  • Driving Assistant Plus (SA5AT)

The SWW/SRR is the primary control unit, and it is also used for diagnosis of the additional control units connected to the local CAN. The control unit lane change warning SWW2/SRR2 (secondary) is required for the lane change warning.

The following control units are additionally required for the optional equipment Driving Assistant Plus:

  • Radar sensor, front left
  • Radar sensor, front right


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