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BMW 5 Series: BMW M550i engine technical data

Gasoline Engines
N63TU2 engine in the G30

Gasoline Engines

Engine highlights N63B44O2

List of the most important special features:

1. Map-controlled oil pump.

2. Engine temperature management Split-Cooling-Combined (SCC).

3. Engine oil/coolant heat exchanger integrated in the v-space.

4. New coolant-cooled 8th generation Digital Motor Electronics (DME).

Full load diagram

Gasoline Engines
Full load diagram N63B44O2 engine


     System wiring diagram

    B46/B58 Engine System wiring diagram B68/B58 engine in G30 Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Electric fan Relay for electric fan Power distribution box, engine compartment Pinion starter Air con

     Air intake and exhaust emission systems

    Air intake duct In contrast to the 4- and 6-cylinder gasoline engines, the 8-cylinder gasoline engine has a two-branch intake system. This ensures that the necessary air volume is made available to




    Concept Addresses, Points of Interest, and the current position can be stored as Favorites. Storing current position as a Favorite General information The current position can also be stored after entering a destination or via the interactive map, even while driving. Storing 1. Press the button on t

     Map, Destination guidance

    Map Opening the map The map can be accessed directly with the button on the Controller. Overview General information The map can be used via iDrive. Basic entry explanation, refer to the Owner's Manual for the vehicle. Map view With operation via touchscreen: change map view Status field Op

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