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BMW 5 Series: Air intake and exhaust emission systems

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual / Powertrain / Gasoline Engines / Air intake and exhaust emission systems

Air intake duct

In contrast to the 4- and 6-cylinder gasoline engines, the 8-cylinder gasoline engine has a two-branch intake system. This ensures that the necessary air volume is made available to the engine in every load range.

Gasoline Engines
Gasoline engine air intake duct in the G30

  1. B46 engine
  2. B58 Engine
  3. N63TU2 Engine


The pulsating gas exchange noise of the reciprocating engine is damped in the air intake duct.

Helmholtz resonators are technical solutions for achieving the maximum air duct cross-section and minimum packaging space volume vehicle-specific damping specifications.

Hot film air mass meter

The intake air mass is filtered in all engines via an 8th generation hot film air mass meter.

The hot film air mass meter has the following four electrical connections:

  • Voltage supply (+)
  • Ground (-)
  • Sensor signal (SENT data protocol)
  • Not assigned

A manipulation-proof SENT signal is available for data transfer.

Gasoline Engines
8th generation hot film air mass meter in the G30

  1. Voltage supply (5 V)
  2. Ground connection
  3. Sensor signal (SENT protocol)
  4. Not assigned
  5. Connector encoding

The 8th generation hot film air mass meter has a specific electric connector, this is so it cannot be swapped between the various engine versions.

The following table provides an overview of the various sensor generations in the gasoline engine.

Gasoline Engines

Charge air cooling

All gasoline engines are equipped with indirect charge air cooling.

Gasoline Engines
Intake system with integrated, indirect charge air cooler using the example of the B58 engine

  1. Throttle valve fixture
  2. Tank ventilation
  3. Ventilation line to the expansion tank
  4. Charge air cooler
  5. Coolant return
  6. Coolant supply
  7. Cylinder head connection

Exhaust emission system

The 4- and 6-cylinder gasoline engines have an electrical exhaust flap on the right side. The 8-cylinder gasoline engines are equipped with two electrical exhaust flaps.

Gasoline Engines
Overview of exhaust gas variants in the G30

  1. BMW 530i
  2. BMW 540i
  3. BMW M550i
  1. Front silencer
  2. Center silencer
  3. Rear silencer
  4. Electrical exhaust flap actuator

Tailpipe versions

Gasoline Engines
Gasoline engine exhaust tailpipe variants in the G30

  1. BMW 530i
  2. BMW 540i
  3. BMW M550i

BMW 530i models with optional equipment M sport package (OE 337) use the exhaust tailpipe version from figure B.



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