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BMW 5 Series: Chain track

Crankshaft drive
Comparison between chain track of B58 engine and B58TU engine

  1. Chain track, two-part timing chain drive B58 engine
  2. Chain track, single-part timing chain drive B58TU engine
  1. 6-cylinder engine
  2. Upper timing chain
  3. Timing chain
  4. Lower timing chain
  5. Drive chain, oil vacuum pump

The way the combined oil vacuum pump is driven via a separate drive chain from the crankshaft has not changed compared with the Bx8 engines. Only the change of the chain tracks has changed: The drive chain of the oil vacuum pump is now in front of the timing chain.

Dropping the second timing chain offers the following benefits:

  • Improved acoustics
  • Lower space requirement
  • Reduced weight

Chain tensioner

Crankshaft drive
Chain tensioner, Bx8TU engine

  1. Tensioning rail
  2. Sealing sleeve
  3. Chain tensioner with screw thread

Due to the cylinder head manufacturing process, the chain tensioner now has a sealing sleeve with a height of 12.5 mm instead of a sealing ring. The spring force of the chain tensioner lies between 40 Nm (extended) and 90 Nm (retracted).


     Valve gear

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     Vacuum Supply

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     Cooling System



    Signal tones General information An intermittent tone indicates when the vehicle is approaching an object. For instance, if an object is detected to the left rear of the vehicle, a signal tone sounds from the left rear speaker. The shorter the distance to the object, the shorter the intervals. If

     Exhaust turbocharger

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