BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Warning function

Light in the exterior mirror



The dimmed light in the exterior mirror indicates when there are vehicles in the blind spot or approaching from behind.

Acute warning

If the turn signal is switched on while a vehicle is in the critical zone, the steering wheel vibrates briefly and the light in the exterior mirror flashes brightly.

The warning stops when the turn signal is switched off, or the other vehicle leaves the critical zone.

With side collision mitigation

If at speeds between 45 mph/70 km/h and 130 mph/210 km/h the vibrating steering wheel is ignored and the lane marking crossed, the system intervenes with a brief active steering intervention.

The steering intervention helps return the vehicle into the lane. The steering intervention can be noticed on the steering wheel and can be manually overridden at any time.

Flashing of the light

A flashing of the light during vehicle unlocking serves as system self-test.

System limits

Safety information


The system is designed to operate in certain conditions and circumstances. Due to conditions or other factors, the system may not respond.

There may be a risk of accident or risk of damage to property. Actively intervene as warranted. Refer to the information in this Owner's Manual regarding the scope of the system's operation and limitations.

Upper speed limit

If the vehicle speed exceeds approx. 155 mph/250 km/h, the system is deactivated temporarily.

If the vehicle speed falls below approx. 155 mph/250 km/h, the system once again responds according to the setting.

Functional limitations

The system may not be fully functional in the following situations:

  • When a vehicle is approaching at a speed much faster than your own.
  • In heavy fog, wet conditions, or snowfall.
  • In tight curves or on narrow lanes.
  • If the bumper is dirty, iced up, or covered, for instance by stickers.
  • After improperly performed work on the vehicle paint.
  • If cargo protrudes.

Attaching any objects such as stickers or film in the beam area of the radar sensors will also impact the function of the radar sensors and may even cause them to fail.

For vehicles with side collision mitigation, the steering intervention can be limited, for instance in the following situation:

  • In the event of missing, worn, poorly visible, merging, diverging, or multiple lane markings such as in construction areas.
  • When lane markings are covered in snow, ice, dirt or water.
  • When lane markings are not white.
  • When lane markings are covered by objects.
  • When driving very close to the vehicle in front of you.
  • If there are constant blinding effects because of oncoming light, for instance from the sun low in the sky.
  • If the field of view of the camera or the windshield is dirty or covered in the area of the interior mirror.
  • If the camera has overheated and been temporarily switched off due to excessively high temperatures.
  • Up to 10 seconds after the start of the engine via the Start/Stop button.
  • During calibration of the camera immediately after vehicle delivery.

A Check Control message is displayed when the system is not fully functional.

Displaying warnings

Depending on the selected warning settings, for instance warning time, more warnings can be displayed. However, there may also be an excess of premature warnings of critical situations.


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