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BMW 5 Series: Functions of the Advanced Crash Safety Module

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2023 Training Manual / Passive Safety Systems / Functions / Functions of the Advanced Crash Safety Module

The function of the Advanced Crash Safety Module is to permanently evaluate all sensor signals in order to identify a crash situation. Based on the sensor signals and their evaluation, the Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) identifies the direction of the crash and the severity of the impact.

The Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) evaluates the sensor information and then initiates the relevant measures for selective activation of the necessary restraint systems.

At the same time the Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) monitors the system itself and indicates when it is ready for operation by switching off the airbag indicator light.

If an error occurs during operation this is stored in a fault memory The fault memory can be read out for diagnosis purposes.

If a crash situation is detected, a crash message is sent to the other bus users in the data bus network as notification. The relevant control units respond to this signal by executing their own activities according to the severity of the crash.

The activities include:

  • Opening the central locking system
  • Activating the hazard warning flasher
  • Switching on the interior light
  • Switching off the fuel pump control electronics
  • Making an emergency call

An additional function of the Advanced Crash Safety Module is the acoustic seat belt warning that reminds the driver using visual and acoustic signals to fasten his seat belt. Seat belt buckle switches are used to identify whether the driver and the front passenger have their seat belts fastened. On motor vehicles in European version, the seat belt buckles in the rear passenger compartment are also monitored. In addition, for vehicles, the position of the driver's and the front passenger seat is monitored.

The functions of the Advanced Crash Safety Module generally belong to one of the following areas:

  • Crash-relevant functions
  • System monitoring functions
  • Additional convenience functions


     Crash-relevant functions

    The Advanced Crash Safety Module must fulfil the following crash-relevant functions: Evaluating the sensor signals Impact detection Determining actuators to be activated Specifying the trigger t

     System monitoring functions

    The Advanced Crash Safety Module has the following system monitoring functions: System self-test (pre-drive check) Display of system operability Cyclic monitoring Fault display and fault storage

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