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BMW 5 Series: Schedule trips

Destinations can be scheduled via the BMW Connected app. Two options are available for this:

Schedule trips in the BMW Connected app

Trips can be scheduled in the BMW Connected app. An arrival time can be specified for the destinations. The BMW Connected app calculates the optimum departure time from current traffic data; you will receive a notification message 10 minutes before this time.

BMW Apps
BMW Connected app setting the departure time

Share destinations via other apps

Destinations can also be searched for in other apps such as Apple Maps, Google Maps or Yelp and shared with BMW Connected.

BMW Apps
BMW Connected app selecting a destination on Apple maps

The current traffic volume for the scheduled destination is displayed in the BMW Connected app by color:

  • Green: no traffic on the scheduled route
  • Yellow: traffic on the scheduled route
  • Red: heavy traffic volumes on the scheduled route

Sharing must first be enabled for this function.

BMW Apps
BMW Connected enable sharing

  1. Share menu in the smartphone, here in Apple maps by way of example; add BMW Connected once by touching More
  2. Activating the BMW Connected app
  3. Sharing via the BMW Connected app is possible

Transferring the destination to the vehicle

A destination planned on the smartphone can be sent to the vehicle's navigation system. Two options are available for this:

  • Bluetooth
  • BMW Connected Send to Car

The destination can be sent to the navigation system if the smartphone is coupled via Bluetooth in the vehicle.

The destination can also be sent to the vehicle via ConnectedDrive online. The route guidance will then be suggested in the vehicle where it can be accepted. In this example we illustrate this on the user interface of a G12.

BMW Apps
BMW Connected accept sent trip

  1. Main menu
  2. BMW messages
  3. Select destination
  4. Start route guidance

Third party apps

The BMW Apps menu lists all third-party apps that are currently supported by BMW. These apps can be launched from the individual menus as before, or from the ConnectedDrive menu if they are installed on the smartphone.

BMW Apps
BMW Connected app third-party apps

Remote 3D View

Remote 3D View is provided for the first time on the G30. This function allows the customer to view the area around his parked vehicle on his smartphone.

BMW Apps
G30 Remote View 3D display on smartphone


Below we list some information about BMW Remote 3D View which affects the service:

  • A maximum of three recordings in two hours is permitted. (The user will receive a message in the event of a further recording.)
  • The Remote 3D View function is an element of standard equipment "Remote Services" (OE 6AP) and is valid for four years. Once this period has expired, the function can be extended via the ConnectedDrive Store for a fee.
  • The vehicle shown in the smartphone is always shown in silver paintwork.

Further information

Further information on BMW Remote 3D View can be found in the ST1604 G30 Driver Assistance Systems Training Reference manual.


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