BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Wireless connection

A base plate is no longer provided for any telephone system in the G30. For this reason, the telephone is connected to the head unit either wireless or through a USB port.

A check mark must be set for Apps if these are to be used in the vehicle via Bluetooth when the smartphone is coupled in the vehicle.

BMW Apps
G30 selecting Apps in the Central Information Display

Apps installed on the smartphone and approved by BMW (including BMW Connected) are selected in the vehicle as previously.

BMW Apps
G30 Selecting apps


     Apple CarPlay Preparation

    Introduction Apple CarPlay offers the capability of easily and conveniently reproducing selected content from the iPhone in the vehicle. Displaying the Apple icons on the Central Information Display

     Telephone Systems


    The G30 has two different hands-free mode and charging variants for telephones: Convenient telephone with extended smartphone connection (OE 6NS) (standard equipment) Telephone with wireless cha


     Emergency wheel

    Concept In the event of a flat tire, the emergency wheel can be used in place of the wheel with the defective tire. The emergency wheel is only intended for temporary use until the defective tire/wheel has been replaced. General information Mount one emergency wheel only. Also check the tire inflat

     Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System

    To achieve an optimum listening experience inside the vehicle, depending on the type of music, you can choose between different sound profiles. The surround sound can be adjusted with the "3D intensity" or "Surround intensity" function. 1. "CAR". 2. "Settings". 3. "General settings". 4. "Bowers

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