BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Power supply terminals

Control units in the vehicle must be supplied with power only when they are needed. The following terminals are used in the G30:

  • Terminal 15N
  • Terminal 30B
  • Terminal 30F
  • Terminal 30

Terminal 15N supplies control units which are needed only when driving and which may be needed to safely end a journey. After-run of 5 s starts at the transition from DRIVING to RESIDING.

Terminal 30B is used to supply control units that are needed in the stationary mode RESIDING and for stationary functions where the customer is not in the vehicle. An after-run of 6 minutes starts at the transition from RESIDING to PARKING, and terminal 30B is then switched off.

Terminal 30F is used to supply control units which must perform functions in PARKING condition.

Terminal 30F is normally switched on in PARKING condition, but may be switched off due to faults in the vehicle electrical system. The terminal is switched off with an after-running period of 1 min if a fault is detected.

Terminal 30 control units (e.g. alarm system) are always supplied with voltage and are also not switched off in the event of a fault.

Power supply terminals

Programming-analysis-diagnosis (PAD) mode

The vehicle condition programming-analysis-diagnosis is still present for diagnosis. All terminals are switched on in this mode. This ensures that diagnosis can be performed with all control units. This vehicle condition is displayed in the BMW diagnosis system ISTA.

Activation of the PAD mode:

  • Operation of the start/stop button (three times within 0.8 s) + valid remote control or valid ID transmitter in the vehicle interior.
  • By the BMW diagnosis system ISTA.

The PAD mode is exited by pressing the start/stop button or by closing the diagnosis with the BMW diagnosis system ISTA.


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