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BMW 5 Series: Overview, HiFi system


In the G30, 3 speaker systems are offered. A Hi-fi system is installed as standard equipment.

The following table gives you an overview of the speaker systems utilized in the G30:

Speaker Systems

HiFi system

System wiring diagram

Speaker Systems
G30 System wiring diagram of hi-fi system

  1. Tweeter, front center
  2. Mid-range speaker, front center
  3. Headunit
  4. Mid-range speaker, front right
  5. Tweeter, front right
  6. Bass speaker, right
  7. Mid-range speaker, storage shelf on left
  8. Tweeter, rear window shelf, left
  9. Tweeter, rear window shelf, right
  10. Mid-range speaker, rear window shelf, right
  11. CAN terminator
  12. Fuses in the power distribution box of the luggage compartment
  13. HiFi amplifier
  14. Active Sound Design (ASD)
  15. Bass speaker, left
  16. Tweeter, front left
  17. Mid-range speaker, front left

System overview

Speaker Systems
G30 System overview hi-fi system

  1. Tweeters
  2. Mid-range speakers
  3. Bass speakers
  4. HiFi amplifier


     Harman Kardon system

    System wiring diagram G30 System wiring diagram, Harman Kardon system Tweeter, front center Mid-range speaker, front center Headunit Mid-range speaker, front right Tweeter, front right Bass sp

     Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System

    System wiring diagram G30 System wiring diagram Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system Sound design microphone Tweeter, front center Mid-range speaker, front center Front center LED

     Antenna System


     Points of interest

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     Driving Experience Switch

    Overview The functions of the driving experience switch are identical to those of the G12 except for the following. The following table shows a comparison of the functions of the driving experience switch in a G30 and in the G12: 1) Only with certain G30 models. 2) Only with certain optional equ

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