BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Overview

General information

The Teleservices, intelligent emergency call or ConnectedDrive Services features are required to use the services and applications described here.

The content and scope of the services that are available may vary by country. Therefore, it is possible that some of the services and applications described in the Owner's Manual may not be offered, or not yet be offered, in the vehicle's country of registration.

Services and applications may be provided in the following ways:

  • In the scope of the vehicle order; e.g., as special equipment.
  • Via the BMW ConnectedDrive portal on the Internet.
  • Via iDrive on the Control Display of the vehicle in the ConnectedDrive Store.

Details on the content and scope of Connected‐ Drive can be obtained from connecteddrive or your service center.

Safety information


Operating the integrated information systems and communication devices while driving can distract from traffic. It is possible to lose control of the vehicle. There is a risk of accident. Only use the systems or devices when the traffic situation allows. As warranted, stop and use the systems and devices while the vehicle is stationary.


     BMW Teleservices

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    General information Depending on the national-market version, the destinations are automatically stored as received destination and can be applied in the destination guidance, if they were transferred to the vehicle via the BMW Connected app. For example, destinations that were sent from the Concie

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