BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: ConnectedDrive Services

Functional requirements

  • Subscription to the optional Convenience Plan.
  • The date setting on the Control Display is current, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.
  • Cellular network reception must be available.

ConnectedDrive Store


In vehicles with specific technical requirements, various services can be booked later.

General information

The range of services offered depends on the country.

Ordering services

1. "Apps"

2. "Store"

An overview of the services present in the vehicle and those to be ordered later is displayed.

3. "All services"

An overview of the services present in the vehicle and those to be ordered later is displayed.

4. To purchase a service, select it and follow the instructions on the Control Display.

BMW messages


Messages from BMW are displayed, e.g., from My Info or BMW Info, or as information from the vehicle manufacturer.

General information

Messages may originate from a range of different sources.

  • My Info: these messages originate from the ConnectedDrive customer portal or are sent from selected centers.
  • BMW Info: these messages are sent by selected service centers.
  • Messages from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Messages from the Concierge service.

Displaying BMW messages

1. "Apps"

2. "BMW messages"

The most recent BMW messages are displayed.


A symbol identifies the message status.

Read BMW message.

Unread BMW message.

Filtering message list by status

1. "Filter"

2. Select the desired setting.

Filtering message list by message type

1. "All message types"

2. Select the desired setting.

Deleting a message

1. Highlight the message if required.

2. Press the button.

3. Delete highlighted message: "Delete message".

Delete all messages: "Delete all messages" It is not possible to delete all types of messages: for example, messages from the vehicle manufacturer and Check Control messages cannot be deleted.

Check Control messages or messages from the vehicle manufacturer are displayed as long as they are relevant.

Additional functions

Depending on the equipment and the type of message, the following functions are available for a selected message:

  • Select the location to start destination guidance.
  • Select phone number to make a call.


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